The patch worn by police departments is a quick identifier of law enforcement personnel, and along with the badge, is worn with great pride by many men and women.  The Palmyra police patch has evolved over time to reflect the community in which it protects.  The original Palmyra police patch dates from the 1940's through 1987.  The patch was a blue colored keystone with the words "BORO OF PALMYRA POLICE" in yellow and gold lettering. 


Former Palmyra Police Lieutenant Kevin L. Snyder designed a patch worn by the Palmyra Police Department from 1988 to 2008.  The patch was taken from the 200th Anniversary book entitled This is Palmyra published in 1960.  The book was dedicated to religion, education, and industry.  The patch featured the words PALMYRA POLICE with a yellow keystone depicting images of religion, education, and industry.

In September 2002, the community dedicated a new town square as a means to provide an identity to the community and serve as a source of pride for many years to come.  The square renovation project included the erection of a town clock and adjacent wall with the name "Palmyra" carved in stone.  Former Police Officer Michael A. DiPalo designed a new police patch using the clock as a focal point.  The new patch features the word POLICE as an easy means to identify the wearer.  This feature is incorporated with the new town clock and the year 1760 commemorating the date the Borough of Palmyra was chartered.

Also of significance is the face of the clock.  The hands are set to 9:11 to remember the thousands of men and women who died as a result of the act of terror against the United States of America.